How much does it cost to live in Paris?


If you do the shopping in the right places you will save a consistent monthly sum of money. For instance, you could go to two or three different supermarkets in order to use the discounts and promotions each of them offers every week or so. The cheapest ones are Auchan, Carrefour and ED. As to fruit and fish, you can buy them in markets, even though prices are more or less the same.

For those who can’t do without Italian flavours, the "serré" coffee, that is the espresso, costs about 1.80€. The water in the city is drinkable, so you don’t need to buy it and just drink tap water.

If you want to eat out, thinks are obviously different, costs first of all!


Efficient but costly: that’s the way we would sum it up. An underground ticket costs 1.60€, but you can save money by purchasing the carnet of 10 tickets or a travelcard. If you use public transport to go to your job place, most firms grant you a refund of half the price of your travelcard.

French trains are expensive, except in case you reserve a seat long in advance. Employees are entitled to get the Billet de congé annuel once a year, that is 20% off on a ticket for a train journey longer than 200 km.


In the city, rents are usually very high. The amount mainly depends on the arrondissement where you reside; even when you find an accessible price, you usually get a very spartan and tiny studio flat. Generally speaking, in a flatshare, a room can cost from 400 to 700€ per month, unless it is a student accommodation.

Also, other expenses concern local taxes, like the taxe d’habitation.


Prepaid SIM cards for mobiles are not convenient at all. If you use your mobile a lot, you’d better make a monthly subscription, that usually costs about 35-40€. More than often, you’re given a mobile for free upon subscription. Very convenient are packages: for 30€ you can have ADSL connection, TV service and unlimited calls to landlines.


In the city, numerous museums are free. Excluding special terms for students and people under the age of 26 (who usually enter free), a museum ticket usually costs between 7 and 9€. Cinema tickets cost more or less the same.


1 hour in an outdoor tennis court costs 6,5€, 2 hours about double that price. Gyms also give you the possibility to take individual lessons by paying about 10-20€. The entry to a municipal swimming pools costs 3€. Structures that have an agreement with the Crous are sometimes free for students.


In order to furnish your house you can head to one of the 5 IKEA stores disseminated around the city, where you can find anything at very affordable prices. Very expensive are in France cigarettes, whose price is about 5-6€ per pack, as well as hairdressers and barbers, at least compared to Italy. As to medical expenses, consult the ad hoc sognandoparigi card.

The list of monthly expenses provided by the Cnous (Centre National des Oeuvres Universitaires) states the average expense for a studio flat in the city is from 150 to 400€, whether it is university campus or independent accommodations. Roughly, expenses for food are 230€ per month, plus 31€ for transports and 30€ for telephone services. These sums do not include additional expenses for the first month of stay, medical insurance, home insurance and utility contracts.


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