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Living in Paris

Paris is Love, Shopping and Culture. Is simply impossible not to get lost between the streets ad admire the Eiffel Tower, under a shining sun or a slighlty rain, with the scent croissant homemade in the nose.

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ADSL broadband in Paris

ADSL broadband in Paris

To surf the net in Paris you can use an ADSL broadband connection. What companies provide internet services in France? There are many possibilities in France to use ADSL: there are ...

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Working and Studying

Taxes and deductions on salaries i

Taxes and deductions  on salaries in Paris

You have to pay taxes if you’re above the age of 18, you’re resident in France and your main job or your main economic interests are in France. The tax return stat...

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Playing tennis in Paris

Playing tennis  in Paris

In France tennis is a very popular sport, practiced a lot also at amateur level. The FFT (French Tennis Federation) is the federation that deals with backing and promoting this sp...

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